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Cherbourg Primary School

Cherbourg Primary School

We’re here to learn!

Vision and Values

Through our values of:

 HonestyRespect, Kindness, Resilience & Inclusiveness,

'We're Here to Learn!' 


A good primary education builds on the enthusiasm and energy that children have for learning in their early years. Cherbourg Primary provides a good education for children, in partnership with parents, in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.


Cherbourg Primary is a lovely school with many outstanding features, supporting children to make good progress and meeting the diverse needs of many of our pupils. You will receive an enthusiastic welcome from staff and pupils when you visit our school. Our children work hard and are always happy to share what they have learnt.


A real strength of our curriculum is the way in which we enhance the importance of reading, writing and maths, through the teaching of skills such as music and learning in the environment. All of our pupils will learn at least five different instruments whilst they are in our school and have the opportunity to further develop skills in one instrument during their time in KS2.


We encourage our pupils to take risks by trying new things and being confident to ‘have a go’ in their learning. We make sure that our curriculum, (what we teach), is rich and interesting and has lots of challenge for our pupils. We also enjoy going out on trips and visits, as well as welcoming visitors in as often as possible.


We want our pupils to leave us still keen to question and have their questions answered, so that they will go into the bigger world committed to learning all their life long. Questioning and debate are also key ways in which we teach British Values in school. Pupils learn about democracy; religion; the Rights of the Child; as well as current topics which may affect their lives, through our Values and Beliefs curriculum, which includes an Issue of the Month. Recent ‘Issues’ have included bullying, migrants and refugees and class names.


Our commitment to meeting the needs of many children with special educational needs and disabilities is recognised by parents and professionals alike. Our Jarjums’ Room is a model of good practice as a resourced provision for supporting children with emotional, social and mental health needs and we now share our expertise with a variety of schools and other partners. Our Jarjums’ pupils often travel long distances to learn with us and the success of our provision lies in our pupils all being supported to be part of their mainstream classes.


We are really proud of being a Forest School. We provide great outdoor learning opportunities and a lunchtime play curriculum and our Breakfast Club, Bugs Club, (after school and holiday facilities), Family and Adult Learning and numerous clubs and activities throughout the year mean that we offer a wide and diverse provision for children and their families.


Our motto of ‘We’re here to learn!’ is at our heart, and we are ambitious to raise our standards and promote learning for children, adults, trainees, students and parents throughout the year. We work closely with local initial teacher education providers, such as the University of Southampton, to train teachers and we provide apprenticeships and other extended learning opportunities for our team. Our core values and our aims show what is important for our whole school community.