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Cherbourg Primary School

Cherbourg Primary School

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Reading at a Glance


Reading at Cherbourg – at a glance information


  • Our book scheme we follow is Collins Big Cat books which reinforce our Little Wandle phonics scheme.
  • Class texts are chosen to support what the children need to know and have experience of at the right time in their learning journey and are linked to their overall topic if appropriate
  • Phonics sessions in EYFS and KS1 can help children to read (decode) words (although some children will learn how to decode in other ways too). Becoming fluent in decoding helps to then read for meaning
  • Reading is taught daily through Phonics, English, Guided Reading and across the wider curriculum
  • Some children may have further reading support that will help with their fluency and comprehension
  • Reading is assessed at 3 points across each year group, but their assessments are more formally reported at end of EYFS (Year R), end of Year 2 and after their SATs tests in Year 6