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Supporting Your Child’s Learning – The Individual Plan

What is an IP?


An IP (Individual Plan) is a document that helps teaching staff to plan for your child, teach them, and review their progress. It enables a child to achieve the most from their education by pinpointing areas where additional support may be required and contains targets designed to help children achieve with the curriculum.


An IP should...


  • Raise achievement for pupils with special educational needs (SEN)
  • Use a simple format and be seen as a working document(s)
  • Detail provision and targets which are additional to, or different from that generally available to all pupils
  • Be jargon-free and easily understood by all staff and parents
  • Be distributed to all relevant staff
  • Promote effective planning
  • Help pupils monitor their own progress
  • Result in good planning and intervention
  • Result in the achievement of the specified learning goals