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Cherbourg Primary School

Cherbourg Primary School

We’re here to learn!


At Cherbourg Primary School, our intent is to provide our pupils with real and purposeful opportunities to enhance their creativity, broaden their real world experiences, and enable them to develop both subject specific skills and much broader life skills such as food safety, cooking and sewing.   


Pupils can reflect upon and evaluate past and present advances in design technology whilst learning about the interdisciplinary nature of work in other disciplines, such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art.


Our knowledge and skills-based curriculum supports innovators and risk-takers and encourages our pupils to use their imagination, consider their own needs, wants and the values of others to design and make purposeful products that solve real problems.  Through the process of careful research, evaluation and redesigning, the children become more resilient and resourceful.  We value this process as much as the final product.


An exciting range of food challenges across the years help the children learn the skills needed to prepare and cook healthy meals.  Linking closely with our PDL curriculum, we consider the importance of food and nutrition to our health and wellbeing.  Children learn early chopping and spreading skills, creating sandwiches and snacks in Key Stage One.  In Key Stage Two the children further develop these skills, researching their ingredients, testing flavour combinations and making sure they stick within their budget.