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Cherbourg Primary School

Cherbourg Primary School

We’re here to learn!

Our Jarjums Room

What is Jarjums at Cherbourg?


Cherbourg Primary’s resourced provision is called the Jarjums Room, (Jarjums being an Australian aboriginal word for children). The staff who work from the Jarjums Room aim to meet each pupil’s needs by supporting and developing their individual learning strategies. It will always be the school’s intention for all pupils to be taught in their mainstream class whenever possible, but there will be many occasions, planned and spontaneous, where an individual child will feel safer and better supported by the excellent resources within the Jarjums Room.


The curriculum


Our motto is that we’re here to learn and we aim to find appropriate ways for each child to do their best. For the children in the Jarjums Room, this means that each session will start afresh with rewards and sanctions being dealt with at the end of the session. The children will be encouraged to work to their strengths so that they can build their self-esteem. We will also offer support for children to gain confidence in the key skills that they may find more difficult. This will help them to access the curriculum in the classroom. Children in the Jarjums Room will have the opportunity to follow the same curriculum as their class group.


We will also offer regular individual and small group programmes to support children’s emotional and behavioural difficulties.


Staffing and specialist support services


The whole school has a commitment to our resourced provision, but our Jarjums team is made up of a specialist Behaviour Manager and multiple learning support assistants. We also work very closely with other support services, including the Behaviour Support Team, Educational Psychology Team, Social Services and Child and Family Guidance.


Extra-curricular activities


Children will be able to join in after school and off-site activities whenever possible. Risk assessments will be made with the parents or carers to ensure the safety of the children involved in the activity and special provision may need to be made.


Home-school links


Good communication is really important to us and we will regularly keep in contact through phone calls, diaries and home visits. Parents and carers are always welcome in the school.


Links with others


We have close links with the local community, including local schools, church, sports centre and library.