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Emotional Literacy Support Assistant



What is ELSA?

ELSA is an intervention originally developed in Southampton, Hampshire, by Shelia Burton an Educational Psychologist. It was designed to build the capacity of schools to support the emotional needs of their pupils from within their own resources.

An ELSA is a trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. The ELSA has been on a training course that covers a variety of topics including Social Skills, Emotions, Bereavement, Social and Therapeutic Stories, Anger Management, Self-Esteem and Friendships. 

ELSAs attend regular supervision to help maintain high quality work, thereby helping to ensure safe practice for ELSAs and pupils alike.


Our ELSAs at Cherbourg Primary School are...


Miss Fenna                                                Mrs Cresswell-Boyes


Who do I speak to about ELSA?

If you think your child would benefit from ELSA, please speak to a member of office staff or Mrs Sullivan.


We cannot guarantee your child will receive ELSA straight away as we will need to look at our current ELSA register and the waiting list, if there is one.


School staff can also refer children for ELSA, if this is the case, your child's class teacher will liaise with you and an ELSA referral form will be completed.

This website has some useful free resources on for you to use at home with your child.