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Cherbourg Primary School

Cherbourg Primary School

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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning aims to connect our pupils to nature and provide opportunities for child-led learning. We have an extensive Outdoor Learning programme as we believe that the stimulating and exciting environments that lie beyond the classroom door provide excellent opportunities for learning and the development of personal and social skills.


This is what some of our children have to say about their Outdoor Learning experience:


"I like it because we see where the badgers live" Jasper Year 2.


"I love it because we get to see animals like squirrels and I like using the toy whales at the beach and making them a mini home" Eleanor Year 3.


"It's fun and adventurous" Max Year 5.


"I love it because we get to learn so much about outside and what is wrong with our Earth and how we can help it" Cassia Year 5.


"I enjoy safely making fires in the woods because it is a fun experience" Maya Year 6.


All years participate in Outdoor Learning which incorporates a mixture of Forest School with our own bespoke Cherbourg Outdoor Learning Curriculum . We are lucky to have two Level 3 Outdoor Learning Leaders on the permanent staff who take all year groups on regular visits to a variety of forests and beaches within Hampshire. We have even been granted a licence by the Forestry England to use Stoke Park Woods and a permit for Lepe Country Park for learning sessions. All of which provide great opportunities for our children to learn in the outdoors.


Outdoor Learning starts in Year R with walks around the school grounds and Welly Walks in the local area. All other year groups participate in Outdoor Learning three times across the year. Outdoor Learning activities are both curriculum linked and a progression of outdoor, practical skills.


Our programme leads to our children being awarded our Outdoor Classroom certificates for fire lighting and safety; den building; knot tying and safe hand tool use.




Nature offers us a sanctuary, a place where we can find peace and wonder. Nature is not limited by time or confined by walls, and even today we cannot control it completely. It is much larger and older than we are, and its rhythms resonate deep within us. Nature is where we are from and where we belong, and our survival is intricately linked to its existence. For children, nature is the greatest playground of all, with all of its diverse structures, smells, textures, its creatures of all shapes and sizes, its abundant plants, some edible, some toxic. Nature offers a myriad of opportunities for risk taking, for a wealth of learning and amazement, and for freedom, separate from the adult world.


“Play the FOREST SCHOOL Way” by Peter Houghton & Jane Worroll

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