RE, Values & Beliefs

Our Values and Beliefs curriculum ensures that children have regular opportunities to consider our British Values of democracy, fairness and tolerance, through discussion, taught lessons and some assemblies. Our Issue of the Month also allows classes to debate topics chosen by current events, or by child request and to find ways to make a difference to issues which affect them. Children in Y5 and Y6 also have a weekly debate on topical subjects, learning to form opinions, make their voices heard and to take a vote. Children also develop chairing and note taking skills.

We are a Right Respecting School, teaching children about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, teaching through rights and teaching and learning in a rights-respecting way. Children have the right to express their opinions, practice their religions and learn and use the customs of their families. They have a responsibility to respect other people’s religions and cultures. Our Values and Beliefs curriculum is, therefore, an excellent way to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of religious education (R.E.). Through R.E. we promote a reflective approach to life and provide children with the opportunities to study a variety of faiths. We acknowledge that in the UK religious traditions are mainly Christian, but the teachings and practices of other principal religions represented in the country are studied alongside this. Through RE children are encouraged to be curious about the religious and spiritual dimensions of life through a sense of respect, appreciation, open-mindedness, comprehension and analysis.

Knowledge and understanding to support these rights is taught through a range of thematic studies in conjunction with the Hampshire Syllabus ‘Living Difference’ and regular opportunities to celebrate the diversity within the school community. The syllabus is available for parents to see if they wish

Collective worship is broadly Christian in character and adopts a variety of forms and presentation.

Parents retain the right to withdraw their child from all or part of religious education and worship offered by prior arrangement with the Headteacher.