Welcome to Cherbourg Primary School’s website.  We hope that it will give you a flavour of life at Cherbourg, where we encourage children to continue on the journey that they started before they were born; learning and loving learning! Comments and suggestions are welcome via any method detailed in the ‘Contact Us’ link above.

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Visit our new Library Website

Pupils can now access our Library Website from home, this is a powerful tool to help pupils access information about books and reading lists for homework or projects that have been set.

Click on the link below to access the Library Website



Please note – you may be prompted to download Silverlight, you will need to download this to view the Library Website

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6B go to Crabwood

When 6B boys went to Crabwood they did den building and blindfold challenge. They really enjoyed the day! The last group to go was the 6B girls they did all the activities above as well as roasting marshmallows, hiding nuts for the winter like squirrels and boomwhackers (which are nature instruments) because they had spare time! Overall all the groups had a great time and would love to go again!

By Karmen and Becky

Crabwood 6b boys

crabwood 6b girls

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6E go to Crabwood

Year 6 went to Crabwood during November/December. The class travelled in 2 groups and the first group to go was the 6E boys. They got very excited on the minibus and after they walked to the clearing the long way round, where they participated in some fun activities. The activities included den building and a blinfold challenge. The girls from 6E did all this and hid some nuts for the winter like squirrels!

By Karmen and Becky

Crabwood 6e boys

crabwood 6e girls

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Year 6 at Calshot

When Year 6 went to Calshot, we did a variety of activities. They included skiing, high ropes and a beach study. We enjoyed all the activities we did there! The activity that Year 6 enjoyed most was probably skiing although high ropes was a close second. The beach study wasn’t enjoyed by as many people due to the wet and windy weather. Overall everyone enjoyed it and we would recommend it to others.
By Karmen and Becky


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Christmas Arrangements 2013

Christmas will be the theme at Cherbourg Primary for the next two weeks

Please see the attached letter for further details

Christmas 13

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Christmas Menu

Christmas lunch is just around the corner and your children will have been given a green selection form if they wish to have a Christmas lunch. If you need a copy of the form please just click the link below.

Christmas Lunch 2013

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Philippines Appeal

Dear Parents/Carers

Its hard to imagine what a storm 300 miles must be like, but im sure many of you will have seen pictures of the devastation the typhoon has caused in the Philippines.

We would like to play a small part in helping the Philippine people and add some money to the Disasters’ Emergency Commitee appeal, if you would like to contribute any small change you have, please bring it to the hall before school on Friday morning.

Even a few pence from each family can make a little difference.

Thank you

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Public Sector Equality Duty

The Public Sector Equality Duty requires all schools to publish information on how different groups are achieving and performing in school and to use this information to make better provision for all children. If you click on this link you will see our information from the last academic year and how we’ve used this to plan for this year.

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Questionnaire Results

questionLast term we conducted a survey to find out parents’ views regarding children’s learning and the importance of the contribution from home.  The results from the survey were displayed at the last parents’ evening, and are summarised in this short video.   Continue reading

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