As we use language to build our understanding and opinion of the world and our diverse community, at Cherbourg we want to develop the children’s love of language through wide and varied experiences, from the books they read to the trips they venture on. This will, in turn, support them to succeed at school and in later life.

At Cherbourg, our aim is to support all our pupils to become confident and articulate children who are able to communicate through spoken and written language. We also aim to enable all pupils to access important written information as well as developing a lifelong love of reading.

English is mainly taught through Literacy, Guided Reading, Spelling and Grammar sessions, however, children apply their knowledge and skills and extend their writing across the whole curriculum. We follow the National Curriculum for English as a basis for developing their reading, writing, spoken language and drama skills.

Our approach to teaching English across the school is supported by the work we have done with Pie Corbett and John Stannard on the ‘Talk 4 Writing’ project. This encompasses a range of activities that help the children become immersed in a text type; getting to know the key language features required for that particular genre, then learning that text orally using a simple text map. Shared writing then adds to their confidence and enables them to craft their own writing using what they have learnt and their own imagination to invent a new text in the same style. The ‘Talk 4 Writing’ process involves daily spelling, grammar and sentence activities that enable the children to experiment, practise and apply what they have learnt in focused pieces of work.

Our English Curriculum

English Overview for Website

Spellings to be tested Tuesday 9th July
Here are the spellings for the coming week. Due to the Inservice Day on Monday 8th July, we will be…
Spellings, to be tested 2nd July 2019
These spellings will be tested on Tuesday 2nd July as we are on our trip to Hillier Garden[pdf-embedder url="http://www.cherbourg.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Summer-2-wk-4-for-1.7.19.pdf" title="Summer…
Spellings to be tested the week beginning 24th June
These spellings were sent home this week, to be tested on the 24th June. Please learn them as we are…
Cherbourg Primary English Curriculum Map
The document below shows the overview of the English syllabus at Cherbourg Primary.
Cherbourg Phonics Information and Glossary
As Phonics and Spelling is an extremely important aspect of children’s writing, we decided to create a glossary defining the…