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Phonics at Cherbourg – at a glance information

  • Phonics is learning the sounds that letters and groups of letters make
  • Knowing phonics helps children to read words by sounding them out
  • Knowing phonics can also help you to spell words
  • Phonics is taught to all children from Year R to Year 2 in a daily lesson
  • Some children may have further phonics sessions after Year 2 to support their reading
  • There is a Phonics Check for all children in Year 1 (parents/carers will be given the outcome of this)
  • Children re-take the Phonics Check in Year 2 if they do not reach the required benchmark in Year 1


There are a selection of useful phonics website links on our Phonics page that you can use with your child.

Please do speak to your child’s class teacher (or a member of the English Team) if you have any questions about Phonics.

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