Uniform Reminder

5th April 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wanted to write and remind you of our uniform rules, so that all our pupils are wearing appropriate clothing, footwear and haircuts in the summer term. When a few children don’t follow our school dress rules, it quickly affects other pupils and taking a pride in wearing our uniform, supports good attitudes to learning.

Do wear (as you choose)

Please do not wear

Red jumper or cardigan (either with logo or without)
Coloured sweatshirts in lessons, 
Sports clothes for any lessons other than PE
Dark grey or black skirt
Short skirts
Dark grey or black trousers or shorts (mid to long length)
Short shorts
White polo or white shirt for lessons
Summer red checked dress
Black shoes or plain trainers for lessons
Plain sandals with a strap at the back
Coloured trainers for any lessons other than PE
Trainers or plimsolls for lunchtime play and PE
Flip flops or high heels
Red shorts and white t shirts for PE
Tracksuit top and trousers for colder days
Wellies for outdoor education
Stud or small earrings (these will need to be removed or covered for PE)
Necklaces, rings or long or large earrings
Hair, kept neat and regularly checked for headlice, long hair ideally tied back
Holiday hair! Shavings within head , elaborate cuts or colours.


We recognise that a number of children have a ‘mixed bag’ of PE clothes at the moment and just want to flag up that we will expect children to have red shorts and white t-shirts from the Autumn term. So we wanted you to be aware of this if you have to buy new over the next term.

I hope this is a clear and helpful list.

Yours sincerely


Julie Greer


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