Start of Summer Term

24th April 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you had a lovely Easter. I just wanted to write to you all on the first day of the Summer term to update you on some news, some congratulations and some changes.

Firstly, congratulations to Michaela Broughton, who got married on the last day of term and to Mark Edgeller and Gilly McCully who surprised us all by marrying each other at the start of the holidays. Lovely news!

A big shout out to Kayleigh Wyles, one of our Jarjums learning support assistants, who completed the Southampton Marathon in a good time for Alzheimers Research. Well done as well to Tom Fielder, one of our parents, who also ran yesterday.

You may be aware that we have had a few changes to staff since the holidays. Ed Potterton is now teaching in Year 2; Gilly Edgeller (formerly Miss McCully) is teaching Mr Potterton’s old class in Y5 and our new Assistant Headteacher, Rebecca Rossiter, is joining Jack Bidmead in the other Year 5 class. Kay Boukari has now returned to work and is teaching in YR. We are also pleased that Teazel Dean will be the regular teacher on the day Mrs Stevens is not in school (usually Fridays).

Miss Rossiter will usually be teaching Wednesday to Fridays. She will be taking a lead in Maths and Curriculum, but alongside all our Assistant Heads and myself, she is available for you to catch up with any concerns or communication you have during the week. I know you will make her feel welcome and we hope she will enjoy many happy years teaching and leading at Cherbourg.

Lastly, Mrs Kent and Miss Thomasson are off to Barcelona, in Spain, during the second half of this week. They will be joining trainee teachers from the University of Winchester and the University of Barcelona to visit schools in the city and meet other teaching professionals. We are looking forward to hearing all about their visits and very excited to benefit from our partnership with both universities.

Yours sincerely,


Julie Greer


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