October 2017 – Issue of the Month – Healthy Eating




Last term we looked at healthy lunch boxes and it was good to see that most of us know what we should eat to keep us healthy. We know we need a good balance of fruit, vegetables, proteins and carbs to keep us healthy, but we also know that lots of us prefer the foods that aren’t so good for; the sugary foods and the fatty foods.

Over the summer holidays, Mrs Greer was going to be a dictator and ban all sweet and fatty foods, but then she remembered that children have a right to have a say in decisions that affect them. Issue of the Month is a good way for us to be democratic.
Should we only have ‘healthy food’ in our school, or is there a way we can encourage a good balance of foods? Discuss the questions below and see if you can draw some conclusions.

From whom could we learn best about good eating habits?





How can we help each other to improve our eating habits?





You may want to design some posters or badges as examples.
Should we only have ‘healthy foods’ in school? Give your reasons.





Some parents like to send in food to share with other children on special occasions. Say why you think this is a good or a bad idea.





If most of you think it is a good idea, what rules should apply to the types of food that we share?





If most of you think it is a bad idea, what other ways could we celebrate together on special occasions?





Send a rep to discuss your ideas to Issue of the Month meeting in the Community Room next Friday at 9.30a.m.





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