November 2017 – Issue of the Month – Recycling




Giles Gooding from Eastleigh Borough Council came to our assembly on Friday 3rd November to talk about how we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
He helped us to remember that only bottle-shaped plastic can go in our recycling bins and encouraged us to recycle more food waste, as this is used to create energy for our houses.

Talk within your class about how we can improve our responsibility towards our planet, both at home and in the community, by answering these questions.

What reasons can you give for why we might waste food?






Can you see from the graph below that not all countries waste as much food as others? Why might that be?





Can you find any other graphs or information about food waste that your rep can share with the school?

What ways could we improve our recycling habits at home?





What ways do we recycle in your classroom?






How could we improve our recycling habits in school?





Finally, can you write down the name you have chosen for the new recycling lorry for Eastleigh?





Why did you choose this name?





Remember to keep your recycling diaries at home. There is a prize draw for the returned diaries.

Send a rep to discuss your ideas to Issue of the Month meeting in the Community Room on Friday 17th November at 10.00a.m.


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