Newsletter 4 – 2017/18 – 13th October 2017

Harvest Assembly 

We will be having our Harvest Assembly on Friday 20th October at All Saints Church at 11am. The assembly will be led by our Year 1’s, so families of year 1 children are welcome to come and watch. If children would like to bring in packets or tins of food for our own Harvest offerings, we will be donating the food to the homeless through the Society of St James

Visit from the local authority.

Last Friday we had a visit from our local authority inspector who was impressed with the work that the children are doing to make improved progress in maths and writing. The children’s books showed good work and our reading standards and the support for pupils with additional needs remain strengths of the school.

Reading Together

Last year we had regular read together sessions on the last Thursday of every month, but the dates have not worked out so well this year with Inset Days and Open Day.

Read Together with your Child will now be on the first Thursday of every month, when you are welcome to come into your child’s class and share a book with your child from 3.00 to 3.15p.m. We look forward to seeing lots of you on Thursday 2nd November.


Further to discussions with some parents, staff have agreed some drinking water guidance, which means that we will be consistent across the school in encouraging children to drink plenty during the day.

Named Jumpers

Already this term we have had jumpers that have been mislaid, please can you ensure that your child’s name is written in all their school uniform to make it easier for missing items to be returned to their owner. Thank you.

Save Dial-a-Ride One Community Transport

As mentioned in our last newsletter, Dial-a-Ride and One Community transport is at risk of being subject to cuts from local authority funding. Thank you to all those of you that have taken the time to sign a petition either the paper petition or the online petition. It is not too late to do so. The online link has changed to

if you wish to sign it online.


Unfortunately a red scooter with gold handles has gone missing from by the scooter rack after it was left for a couple of days. Please remind your child to take scooters home if they bring them in. If there is no room in the scooter or cycle rack, please call into the office so we can help.

£1 coins

A reminder that after the 15th October we can no longer accept the old £1 coins.

Dates for your diary

Thursday 19th October 2-3pm - Open Afternoon for new parents for September 2018 year R

Friday 20th October 11am        - Harvest Church Assembly for Year 1 parents only

Monday 23rd October - Friday 27th October   - Half Term

Drinking Water Guidance
  • Children should be encouraged to bring clearly labelled water bottles to school each day.
  • Children should be encouraged to make sure their bottles are washed out each night (inside and out) and refilled before school.
  • Children should be encouraged to make sure their name is clearly on their bottle.
  • Where bottles don't have a clear name, class staff should mark the bottle with a permanent pen. This may need redoing periodically.
  • Water bottles should be kept in the box/place allocated by the class staff.
  • Children should be expected to take their bottles out with them at break and lunchtime. Some classes may ask the individual child to carry a bottle, other classes prefer to send out the box of bottles.
  • Class staff should find ways to periodically incentivise and reward children for drinking plenty of water during the day, e.g stickers, healthy drinker of the day etc.
  • Children who are known to have bladder, constipation or other health issues that require them to drink readily can have free access to their drinks bottle during the day, so that the amount drunk can be monitored.
  • During lesson time, opting for a drink can be a way that children distract or divert themselves and others from the task they need to do. It is not always easy to spot whether a child needs a drink, or wants one as a distraction. If a member of class staff recognises that a child needs a drink during lesson time, then the child will be directed to the class sink to get some water in a clean plastic cup, which will then be thrown away. Class staff will need to ensure there are always clean disposable cups by the sink. This will minimise disruption to the class, which can happen if a child is hunting through the drinks box looking for their bottle and the child can easily be seen to be getting the drink they needed and then return to the task.
  • Children also have access to free milk at breaktime
Showcase of Work

This Newsletter’s Showcase of Work belongs to Ellie-May Engert from 6RE. Well done Ellie-May


This is a copy of the letter that was sent to parents. The original had a reply slip that is not included in this online version. If you would like a copy with the original reply slip please contact the office.

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