Newsletter 18 – 2016/17 – 26th May 2017


Thank you to our Year 3s and 4s for a wonderful assembly today over at the church. Year 4 assembly shared their History topic this half term, where they have learnt about Anglo-Saxons. Year 3’s talked about their geography topic in which they have compared cities such as Barcelona with towns such as Eastleigh. They even sang in Spanish.

Mrs Greer took some time at the end of the assembly to remember the terrible events in Manchester earlier this week. Children in Years 5 and 6 have made some really thoughtful and considered responses to recent acts of terrorism. Mrs Greer shared the children’s main thoughts, which were that we should try to respond to acts of cowardice and hate by making sure that we in turn remain free of hate and free of fear. These are really hard messages for children, but if your child is asking questions that are hard to answer, the BBC’s ‘Newsround’ website is a good start to help explain the inexplicable.

Year R Moderation

Well done to the early years team, led by Miss Bertenshaw. The local authority came in to check that all the early years assessments are being carried out throughout YR in an accurate and professional manner and were really impressed with what they saw.

Scooters in YR

A gentle reminder that children are not allowed to scoot around the playgrounds before or after school. It is great to scoot to school, but there is not room in either the big playground or the early years playground to safely allow children to scoot at these busy times.

Class Photos

A reminder that Hallett Photography will be in school on Monday 5th June to take class group photos.

Face Equality Day

Two of our pupils, Gwennie and Mia Burrell asked if we could mention Face Equality Day today. The symbol of Face Equality is a butterfly and it helps to raise awareness of the need to accept difference and to see beyond the first impressions. You can visit their website for more information.

Half Term

Hope the sun keeps shining throughout half term next week, we are back to school on Monday 5th June. Enjoy the break.



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