Newsletter 15 – 2016/17 – 30th March 2017

Sweet Snacks! 

There has been an increase in a number of children having only chocolate and sweets in their lunchboxes! Please can we remind you that it is our policy to promote healthy eating for our pupils.  A chocolate bar should only be included in a lunch box as part of a balanced lunchbox and we have a healthy snacks only rule at playtime, so no chocolate, sweets or biscuits allowed in the playgrounds.

We will be having a big drive on healthy eating after Easter, when children will be encouraged to widen the tastes they like. At the moment sweets are sometimes shared at the end of the day for a child’s birthday. We will be having an Issue of the Month on this subject as well, so will seek your views after Easter.

Craft Shop and Activity Centre  

If you or your child are feeling creative then you may like to go along to Bella Crafts at Fair Oak Garden Centre during the Easter break and have a look at the activities that they do there, or alternatively have a look at their website for more information. The school is in no way connected with this activity but we have been asked to mention it in our newsletter.

Red Nose Day  

Last week was a busy week for Red Nose day, thank you to those of you that made a donation on Friday for ‘dressing up in red’ as a non uniform day. We raised £186.15 for Comic Relief. The children enjoyed the assembly given by Sainsburys’ on Wednesday and having the opportunity to be able to buy a red nose from them. The Red Nose Day menu was also a big hit with the children.

Cranbury Road  

We have been asked to mention the traffic in Cranbury Road at the beginning and end of the school day. Please could you refrain from parking in the turning circle at the end of the road as this is causing an obstruction to cars that need to use this area to turn around and also for children to be able to cross safely without having their view obstructed due to parked cars! Also, could you please ensure that your engines are turned off whilst parked as leaving them on can cause pollution in the area. Thank you.

Governor Vacancy  

We currently have a parent governor vacancy and we are particularly looking for a parent governor with an interest in ICT. If you are interested in applying and can spare some time throughout the academic year then please speak to Carole Dawkins in the office or email our Chair of Governors, Jenny Parker,

Feeding your Family for under £4   

We are interested in running a ‘Feed your family for under £4’ after Easter too, with five practical sessions in the food tech rooms at Crestwood College on Cherbourg Road on Fridays between 2-3pm. We would like to know the level of interest there is likely to be, so if you would like to find out more, please return the slip below.

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