Newsletter 1 – 2018/19 – 7th September 2019

A big welcome to school for families who are new and ‘old’! We hope you had lots of moments of family fun and time for relaxation over the holidays. It is always a pleasure to see the children coming back with such enthusiasm and ready to learn. Thank you for all your hard work in getting them ready. We are looking forward to seeing all our new YRs in school next week too.

We have lots of new staff around the school and it was useful to have two days to focus our training on child protection, English and ways to further develop staff practice throughout the year. If you are unsure who any of the new faces are, just ask a member of staff who you know and they can tell you their name and what they do around the school. Alternatively, you can just introduce yourself to the new member of staff.

As you will be aware by now, it is unfortunate that Hampshire County Council are not replacing Chris Nicholson on the Cherbourg Road crossing, as they say the road does not have enough traffic to now warrant a crossing. We were only made aware of this after the end of term, but please be careful crossing your child over the road, particularly looking out for cyclists and motorbikes. If you have concerns, please see a member of staff.

Please remember that we are no longer able to give out sweets or cakes for birthdays. We will make sure that we celebrate your child’s birthday, if this is an occasion you celebrate yourselves. Staff are no longer able to bring in chocolate or cakes for birthdays either, as we recognise we need to set a better example for pupils at breaktime. Please make sure that your child only has a healthy snack at breaktimes, which is usually fruit, or fruit product.

Before the holidays, we mentioned that we would be putting coloured tags on all jumpers, to help identify uniform by class, as by the end of term there were so many jumpers and clothes without name tags. Could you return the slip below, or let your child’s class teacher know, if you DO NOT want a coloured popper inserted into the label on your child’s jumper. There is an example in the office if you are unsure of what it will look like.

Lastly, we know you will join us in passing on our condolences to the family of Norman Brown OBE, who the children knew as our ‘poppy man’ for so many years. Norman was a big friend to the school and shared his experiences of war, sacrifice and honour with many Year 6’s as they undertook their topic on Remembrance and WWI in the Autumn each year. He will be sadly missed.

We will send out a dates and events letter next week.


This is a copy of the letter that was sent to parents. The original had a reply slip that is not included in this online version. If you would like a copy with the original reply slip please contact the office.

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