March 2016 – Issue of the Month – STOP Bullying




stop_bullyingThis month we are improving our school’s Anti Bullying policy, through discussion, sharing ideas and raising awareness.  

We need some posters to go around the school, to get the message across to everyone that there is no room for bullying at Cherbourg Primary.

We want to encourage children and adults to use the definition of bullying with the acronym...


(Several Times on Purpose) help people to think about the seriousness of an incident. We also want children to know that we are a ‘Telling School’ and to encourage children to speak out if they are feeling bullied.

We will be doing more in school to support this work, but you can help by designing a poster on the back of this sheet or another piece of A4 paper and handing it in to Mrs Greer by the end of term. Winning posters will be printed and displayed and winners will also get a book prize too.

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