Art Work for St Andrew’s Surgery

At Cherbourg Primary we share topical themes with our pupils through our Issue of the Month and each class discusses what they think about the issue and together we try to solve a difficulty such as the need for clean air, how to support those new to our school or country, or to talk about bullying.

In October it was World Mental Health Day and we thought this would be a good theme to explore through our art work and to share the results with our local GP surgery, St Andrew's in Eastleigh.

This is how we introduced this issue to our classes;

‘We know we all have physical health, but we also have mental health too. Sometimes we get poorly or have a bit of temperature, and it takes a few days for our physical health to recover. It is the same with our mental health. At times our feelings and emotions can be affected or make us feel a bit low. Usually this doesn’t last too long and we can start to feel better, but at other times we may need some help by talking to someone, or finding other ways to tackle a problem that might be worrying us.’

‘Sometimes it may be other people that we know and love that are feeling sad or anxious and you may be the person to whom they like to talk. It’s good to know that we all have mental health and that keeping mentally healthy is a good thing to do, whenever we can.’

‘We have been asked by St Andrews surgery to provide them with some beautiful art work to display in their newly decorated waiting room. We would like you to think about what mental health means for you as a class and explore these ideas through your art work.

The best art work will be chosen to go in frames and will be there for all the doctors, nurses and patients to admire. We hope that your art work will also help to make patients feel calmer and appreciated.’

The following slides show the children’s amazing responses to thinking about mental health.

Cherbourg Primary Mental Health art work email

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