27th March2017 – Year 3 Swimming starting 4th April

This letter was not sent to the entire school so it may not be relevant for your child

Dear Parents

Year 3 children will be starting their sessions of swimming lessons every Monday on the following dates after half term on:-

Monday 24th April, 8th May, 15th May, 22nd May and 5th June 

As this is a National Curriculum requirement there will be no charge to parents as the school will fund the pool and instructor costs.

We will travel to and from Fleming Park on foot each time, leaving school at approximately 1pm and returning back at school by 3.15pm. Children are not allowed to be collected from Fleming Park. Children should bring a coat appropriate for the weather on the day as we will be walking whatever the weather. On swimming days Y3 children will have a 12 o’clock lunch.

Children will need to bring with them a towel and of course a swimsuit (one–piece for the girls please).  Goggles can be worn if preferred. Please also provide your child with a £1 coin for the locker which is returnable.

Children should bring a rucksack or similar strong bag which will hold their towel, clothes (including coat) and shoes while they are in the pool. They should also bring a plastic carrier bag for their wet swimwear and towel to go in.

If for any reason your child is unable to attend any of the sessions could you please send a note addressed to your child’s class teacher. We would emphasise that only a written note or phone call from parents will be accepted to excuse anyone.

The children are looking forward to these sessions and have a lot of fun as well as all important instruction. During the first session the children will be assessed and grouped according to ability by the instructors, who are all qualified swimming instructors based at Fleming Park.

Yours sincerely




Andrew Crossley

PE and Outdoor Activities Coordinator


This is a copy of the letter that was sent to parents. The original had a reply slip that is not included in this online version. If you would like a copy with the original reply slip please contact the office.

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