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In 1970 Thor Heyerdahl (a Norwegian) built his second boat made of papyrus reeds. In England we have river reeds and bulrushes similar to those found in Egypt. They are long, hollow strands that can be dried and tied together to form the hull of a boat. If you go for a walk along Riverside Park in Southampton, you will see reeds and bulrushes growing by the water.

Thor Heyerdahl was trying to prove that people used the materials available to them and built boats that they could sail across oceans to visit and settle in other countries. These boats were originally made by Egyptians who used reeds as they were more readily available and in greater abundance than trees.

After our discussion and examining the Ra ships, children in 2B decided that Thor Heyerdahl carried out a very interesting experiment and must have been a brave and courageous adventurer. He was interested in making us think about how clever and skilful our ancestors were and also how intelligent and practical we must be. 2B were also fascinated by the name of RA 2 as they are in a YR 2 class at the moment.


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