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HMS Protector is the Royal Navy’s ice patrol ship and is deployed on operations for 330 days a year. Protector is used in the Antarctic where temperatures drop so far below freezing that the sea freezes. To keep shipping lanes open, Protector breaks up the ice using its bow. We chose this ship for our new class name because its role is to keep the way clear and safe for other ships. The word protector means somebody who keeps others safe, something that every Year 6 pupil should try to do.


News for school year 2018-19

Art Work for St Andrew’s Surgery
At Cherbourg Primary we share topical themes with our pupils through our Issue of the Month and each class discusses…

Hampshire CAMHS – A to Z
Please watch the short video below from Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. It shares some great ideas and…

Governor Newsletter
As we approach the end of another busy year, which has seen the school have an OFSTED inspection, gain our…

Stone Age Paintings
3P had a fabulous time using mixed media to create cave art. Later they sat in their classroom cave with…

Class 3P Stone Age Topic
Year 3 have been reading 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'.  They are learning to write instructions and have worked…

Harriet the Hedgehog by Tallulah Pottage
Tallulah asked Mrs Greer if she could speak at our Friday assembly. She wanted to tell us how she rescued…

Food Allergy Information
Parents and students, please take a moment to read our allergy awareness leaflet.

Newsletter 2 – 2018/19 – 18th September 2019
Target setting meetings for parents and carers Next week teaching staff will be available on Tuesday 25th September from 3.30p.m.…

Newsletter 1 – 2018/19 – 7th September 2019
A big welcome to school for families who are new and ‘old’! We hope you had lots of moments of…

News for school year 2017-18

Hampshire in the ‘Hall
Our amazing choir of nineteen Y5 and Y6s joined 1700 other children in the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 23rd…


Homework for school year 2017-18

year 2 spellings due 29.1.18

year 2 spellings due 22.1.18

The Cherbourg Primary Number Fact Challenge!
Since the introduction of the new National Curriculum in 2013, there has been a greater emphasis placed on children knowing…

Helping Your Child to Learn Maths at Home
Things you could do at home to support your child learning maths.

Year 2 spellings due 6.11

Year 2 spellings due 30.10.17

Homework for school year 2016-17

The Cherbourg Primary Times Table Challenge!
Since the changes to the National Curriculum in 2014, there has been a big emphasis on children learning their times…

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