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We chose the HMS Endeavour to represent our class name after researching many other ships. One of the reasons why we opted for “Endeavour” was that we felt the name is a true reflection of our attitude to learning. Furthermore, the voyage that James Cook took was a very interesting one.

He set out to observe the planet Venus at first but was then given secret instructions from the British Admiralty to find ‘Terra Australis’ (Australia). James Cook and his crew showed great resilience when they had difficulties on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia at a place that is now known as Cape Tribulation. Their ship had broken down but they overcame many obstacles such as the intense heat and lack of food and water to eventually get the HMS Endeavour to a safe place.

The effort that we put into the things we do in class and the resilience that we show when things do not always go to plan echoes James Cook, his crew and of course, the HMS Endeavour.


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