Newsletter 5 – 2016/17 – 4th November 2016

Welcome back to school after half term!

Imperial War Museum

Year 6 had the opportunity to go on a school trip to the Imperial War Museum in London yesterday. They had a fascinating time learning about World War II and the effects of war, for their history topic this term.

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Year 3 have been to Fishbourne Roman Palace today as part of their history topic work too. It’s a shame that the rain has decided to make an appearance but I’m sure that they have had a lovely time regardless!

Lepe Beach

Our pupils from Jarjums have gone to Lepe Beach today on a school trip with Mr Crossley and Mr Mullet and the Jarjums team. The children really benefit from having some occasional ‘team time’ whilst they are learning.

Barcelona Students

We were delighted to host a visit from a good friend of our school, Professora Alba Ambròs i Pallarès alongside her colleague, Miguel Colomer, from the Facultat d’Educacio (Education Department) of the University of Barcelona.  They brought a group of Catalan student teachers, to observe teaching and learning in our classrooms, accompanied by staff from the University of Winchester.

Aviva bid to improve Grantham Green

We are working with Eastleigh Borough Council and One Community to improve the play areas in Grantham Green. We are hoping to raise enough votes on the Aviva website, to secure some funding for some climbing rocks on the Green. We would be really grateful if you could log on to

Saints Connect

During half term some of our pupils were able to participate in the Saints Connect project which launched Saints Foundation’s first co-ordinated volunteer scheme at the multi-sports leadership event at Staplewood Campus in Marchwood. The event was attended by 45 young people from five local secondary schools who had all completed the Saints Connect Leadership Programme and our pupils were invited to ably assist them in events such as football, boxing and relay races. They were also treated to a visit from first team player, Jeremy Pied who took part in a question and answer session.


Thank you for completing and returning the questionnaires that were given out at parents evening recently. If you missed the opportunity at parents evening and would like to fill one out, copies of the form are available from the school office. We will be sending home some information collected from the questionnaires shortly.

Photo Competition

Following on from the last newsletter, we are launching a photo competition for pupils. The theme is ‘Maths All Around Us’ which is our continued focus this year to improve our maths teaching and learning. So cameras at the ready and see if you can spot ‘Maths’ happening when you are out and about and take a picture and email it to us at Examples could be supermarket coupons, sports league tables, shapes of buildings etc. There will be a prize of a book token to the winner!


Saturday 12th November - Family Photograph Day 9am – 12midday – timeslots still available, sign up sheet in office reception.

Wednesday 16th November – Choir to Vedic Temple in Southampton for ‘Space for Peace’ event

Friday 18th November – School disco (details to follow soon)

Friday 2nd December – INSET day (no school for pupils)

Monday 5th December – Christmas Fair (details to follow soon)

Wednesday 7th December – Christmas Dinner

Friday 9th December – Choir singing at Sainsburys, Eastleigh 11am

Monday 12th December - Board games and puzzles afternoon followed by carols and mince pies

Thursday 15th December – Christmas performance at the church 2pm – 3pm

Friday 16th December – Christmas performance at the church 11am – 12midday

Friday 16th December – School finishes at 1pm for the Christmas Holidays

Tuesday 3rd January 2017 – School starts for the next term

Newsletter 4 – 2016/17 – 21st October 2016

Newsletter 2

21st October 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was good to see so many of you at Parents Evening this week. If you were unable to make the meeting, but would still like to catch up with your child’s class teacher, please contact the school office. The meetings are a good opportunity for you to know what we are doing to help your child make really good progress over the next year, as that learning journey can be slightly different for each child.

Thank you for returning lots of parent view questionnaires too. If you haven’t yet received one, but would like to share your views, then please collect one from the school office, or contact the office and ask for one to be sent home with your child. We will make one available on our website too. I will let you know some of the feedback after half term.

We have had a great half term, with some exciting events to encourage children’s learning. Our Forest Schools work goes from strength to strength, with congratulations to Mr Crossley and Mr Mullett for all their hard work in completing their Level 3 Forest Schools qualification. We are one step closer to being an official Forest School and will be offering parents another chance to have a taster session before Christmas, so you can see how the children benefit from their visits to the woods.

Year 5 have had some good opportunities with workshops from the Berry theatre towards their Story Shuffle work. The children in Y5 benefitted from a visit from Alison from the Just Different. She talked to the classes about how she has overcome being a victim of Thalidomide and the impact this has had on her. The children asked some excellent questions.

We have also been able to offer Dance workshops with a group of boys and girls with professional dancer Courtney Williams, which they really enjoyed last week.

Our focus this year continues to be to improve our Maths teaching and learning and staff have been working with Hampshire Teacher Advisor, Rebecca Reynolds. The feedback has been really good and a great recognition of how hard the staff are working to make Maths a popular and ‘doable’ subject in our school. See if you can spot ‘Maths’ happening when you are out and about with your child in half term; supermarket receipts; shapes in buildings; crowd numbers at a football match; rugby league tables etc. Take a photo and email it to us and we will put them on our website. 

Our Issue of the Month this month was about ways to improve our lunchtimes. The class representatives had lunch with myself, Pauline Ansell and managers from HC3S to put forward their ideas, including a choice of starters for those who prefer savoury to puddings, which HC3S are keen to trial.

The Friends of Cherbourg AGM on Wednesday gave me an opportunity to say thank you to the committee for all their hard work. We are looking forward to more events next half term including a Christmas fair and a disco.

You will be pleased to know that Helen Watson had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago.


Thank you for all your donations for the Society of St James. They will be really pleased to receive all the boxes later today.

Lastly, I just wanted to let you know about the amazing bravery of one of our pupils, Dominic Delves in Y1. He underwent open heart surgery at the start of the term and has showed such bravery and resilience throughout his time in hospital. He always has a smile on his face and is a role model for us all. We are looking forward to welcoming him back into class after half term.


Newsletter 3 – 2016/17 – 14th October 2016

14th October 2016

Family Photographs

A reminder that we have a Family Photograph morning on Saturday 12th November from 9am – 12 midday. If you would like to book a timeslot for your family to have their photo taken then please can you sign up on the sign-up sheet in the office reception. This is a great opportunity to have portrait style photos which will be ready in time for Christmas gifts.

Parents Evening

Parents’ evenings are being held next week for years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Sign-up sheets have now gone up outside your child’s classroom.

Family Learning

We are very sad to be saying farewell to Mary Boardman, our Family Learning tutor. She has worked with parents for many years at Cherbourg and having retired a couple of years ago from her other work, she has now decided to fully enjoy her retirement. Many staff restarted their learning with Mary and went on to work within the school and to take up other career opportunities. There is no doubt that Mary made a big difference to many people. We will still be running workshops and short courses over the year, for example on managing behaviour, but I know that many of you will want to join us in saying thank you to Mary.


We have had a complaint from Eastleigh College about our parents parking their cars across the entrance to the Eastleigh College car park at both ends of the day. This is causing an obstruction for the college staff and students who need to access the entrance/exit of the car park. Please can you park in designated parking bays that surround the school. A neighbour has also complained about cars driving too fast down Cranbury Road when coming to collect or drop off children. Please remember to drive less than 20 miles an hour in all the roads surrounding the school.

Flu Vaccination Program

On Tuesday this week we had staff from the School Nursing team in to administer the flu vaccine for our Year 1, 2 and 3 children whose parents had completed the permission form. Well done to all the children who had the vaccine, you were brilliant!

Phonics in Year R

Thank you to our Year R parents who came to our Phonics Workshop in school this morning.

Newsletter 2 – 2016/17 – 30th September 2016

Newsletter 2

30th September 2016

Open Afternoon

We are having an Open Afternoon on Wednesday 12th October from 2pm – 3pm for parents of children who will be starting school in September 2017. This will be a chance for new parents to have a look around the school, speak to members of staff and generally get a feel of our lovely school atmosphere.

Water Bottles

It would be much appreciated if you could avoid putting your child’s drinks bottle into their book bag to bring to school, as we have had several occurrences of bottles leaking over school library books. The children have also been told not to put bottles in their own book bags.

Family Photograph Day

We are having our annual Family Photograph Day on Saturday 12th November between 9am – 12 midday, this event is organised by Friends of Cherbourg and the photographer is Hallett Photography. Friends will be putting a timeslot sign-up sheet in the office reception nearer the time.

Contact Number

If you have changed any of your contact numbers for your child and haven’t let us know please can you speak to Carole Dawkins or Carla Fenna in the office so that we can update immediately. Thank you.

Early in School

It has been noticed that a few children are arriving early to school. School does not start until 8.50am and children are not allowed in the school grounds before 8.30am as there is not a member of staff to supervise them before then. Parents of children who regularly come early will be contacted by the school.


A reminder that children need to have a change of shoes for lunchtime play please, Thank you.

Lost Property

Thank you for naming your child’s property but as the lost property mountain grows, just a little reminder to rename the clothes after every few washes please!

Barack Obama Day

usflagTo celebrate Black History Month this October and to celebrate the living history of the USAs first black President, Barack Obama, as he draws near the end of his last term of office, we will be having a Barack Obama Day on Thursday 6th October. A special menu for the day is on the back of this letter!

Zebra Display

A big thank you to Morgan, Luke and Toby who have worked hard to create their own display in the main reception area to welcome Cherby, our zebra, back to school after his summer in Southampton.

barackobama BARACK OBAMA DAY


Thursday 6th October

Choice of

Beef burger in a bun or Quorn burger in a bun

Sweetcorn and Potato Waffles

US desserts

Chocolate brownies


Chocolate sauce

Newsletter 1 – 2016/17 – 15th September 2016

Newsletter 2

15th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Parent Governor

We have a vacancy for a Parent Governor to join our team of Governors. We are looking for an enthusiastic parent/carer who would be able to commit up to 10 early evening meetings during the academic year and some regular visits to school. This role supports the strategic running of the school. If you are interested in volunteering for this role then please contact the school office or see Jenny Parker our Chair of Governors. If you require childcare we are able to cover the cost for Governor meetings and school visits.

Facebook Page

Friends of Grantham Green Park is a new facebook page for local residents who are interested in the development of Grantham Green.


Parents of children that we know have asthma will have received a letter and a form to update their child’s health plan. If your child has been recently diagnosed with asthma, or if you have not received a letter, please contact the office or see Mrs Sullivan.


We love dogs but many children and adults are nervous of them. Could we politely ask if you and your dog could please move away from the gates of the school at the beginning and end of the school day so that those people who are wary of dogs have the choice of avoiding them when entering in and out of the school grounds. Thank you.

Change of Shoes Lunchtime

Reminder that all children in Years 1 – 6 need to change into their PE shoes at lunchtimes. This enables your child to run more freely and also saves wear and tear on their more expensive school shoes. Please ensure your child has their PE shoes in school at all times.

Rain and Coats

As you know we go outside come rain or shine, so please can you ensure that your child brings a coat in every day, just in case!


Following consultations with children and staff and a trial run at the end of last term, we no longer have session bells during the day. This makes for a much quieter and calmer learning atmosphere.

Dinner Money

Reminder – please note the cost of dinners is £2.10


A huge congratulations to Mrs Ward and her husband James on the safe arrival of their baby boy yesterday morning. Mother and baby are both well.


Julie Greer



Newsletter 14 – 2015/16 – 20th July 2016

Newsletter 14

20th July 2016 

Dear Parents and Carers,

I just wanted to thank you all for your support, both for your child and for the school, over the last year. It is a difficult job to be a good parent at the best of times, but with the demands of the curriculum growing and growing, it can be very hard to keep up sometimes. Watching Y1 children forming compound words (fish + cake = fishcake) or talk about split vowel diagraphs (you may have learnt this as the ‘magic e’) I am amazed at their ability to learn and understand. We teach parts of grammar and maths that I didn’t get taught until secondary school, (or at all!) and this must be the same for many of you. But we know that doesn’t stop you helping your child to learn at home as well as school. Our children will always bring home new knowledge and will be leaping ahead to try to leave us behind. I’m fairly sure that British astronaut Tim Peake’s mum knew next to nothing about aero dynamics and space technology, but was able to support her son to be keen to learn, ambitious, willing to learn from his mistakes rather than be defeated by them and still keep a level head and be a kind person.

I have shown a lot of visitors round this year and they all comment on the lovely atmosphere in the school. We have more children than we have ever had at Cherbourg, but we remain at heart a small family school. Thank you to all the staff and governors for the difference they make.

This has been such a lovely year at Cherbourg with so much good learning and progress by all the children. All the children have experienced outdoor learning, either in the woods, or on residential or other trips. We have been pioneers as space scientists; performers of Shakespeare; musicians; art lovers at the Tate Modern; authors; computer programmers; mathematicians with University students and sports teams competing with local schools. In our results this year we have done better than many other schools across the County and we are very proud of our Y6s in particular. We wish them well in their new schools. Congratulations to Victoria Johnson and Patrick Zanoletti who were awarded the first two instruments from Cheryl Vaughan’s memorial fund.

We are saying ‘Farewell’ to Eve Bushell. A huge thank you for all the experience, colour and energy she has brought to her classes and the difference she has made to children in the school over the last seventeen years.  We wish her well in her new ventures and travels. As for Gilly McCully, we are delaying our Goodbyes, as her very early retirement is only going to be on a part time basis! Miss McCully has very kindly agreed to teach Kingfisher class with Mrs Boughton for the Autumn term, as the teacher we were expecting to join us in September is no longer able to come. In this case the ‘cloud’ has a sparkling silver lining!

We will look forward to welcoming new teachers Catherine Smith, Lauren Thomassen, Laura Brown and Ed Powell. Ed was lucky enough to recently collect the new Saints kit from Under Armour in Baltimore (see the YouTube clip on our website).

The dates Bugs Holiday Club is open are on our website calendar. If your child wants some structured safe activities then contact the club on 07754431250 to find out more. If you are out and about in West Quay in Southampton look out for our zebra, Cherby, in the Perfume shop. S/he really stands out!

Lastly, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy holiday and look forward to seeing most of you again on Tuesday, September 6th.

Yours sincerely,


Julie Greer


Newsletter 13 – 2015/16 – 24th June 2016

Newsletter 13

Street Party

balloonsLast Friday’s Street Party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday and to commemorate 400 years since Shakespeare died, was a huge success and as an added bonus the rain stopped in the morning and the sun came out for the party! The children and staff all looked fantastic in their dressing up costumes, either as a Royal or a Shakespearean character and there was a sea of red, white and blue. Thank you to Pauline and her staff in the kitchen for providing all the children with their lunchbags and for staff who provided crisps, cakes and biscuits. We were lucky to have Mr Potterton on the drums and Mr Bidmead on the guitar, playing and singing some songs and to have had the Queen leading the conga!

See the website for some of the pictures.

Summer Fayre

sunA huge congratulations to our Friends of Cherbourg for organising and running our Summer Fayre last Friday afternoon.  The event was very successful with lots of different stalls and a raffle with an enormous number of splendid prizes. Thank you to everybody who helped out or attended our fayre.

Open Sight

eyesWe had a visitor from Open Sight in our school assembly today talking to the children and staff about the importance of looking after your eyes. His recommendations were to visit the opticians to have an eye test on a regular basis, wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from bright sunlight and to have a healthy diet to help keep your eyes healthy.

Tate Modern

Last Thursday we took thirty Y6s to the preview of the new building at the Tate Modern contemporary art gallery in London. We had an amazing time and were very privileged to be chosen for this opportunity. At times the art challenged our senses as well as delighted us which is all part of the experience of visiting galleries. A member of the public contacted the school after the event to commend the children for their behaviour on the train back from London.

Inspector Visit 

Two School Inspectors from Hampshire spent the day monitoring our teaching and learning yesterday and were very impressed with the way our pupils can talk about their learning and with the progress they are making. A big thank you to staff and pupils for working so hard.

Music Mark      

MusicMarkHampshire Music Service nominated our school for the national Music Mark in recognition of our commitment to music in our curriculum and for performance.    

Newsletter 12 – 2015/16 – 28th May 2016

Newsletter 12


As the weather is starting to warm up can we remind parents to put suncream on your child before school and also to provide your child with a sun hat, clearly labelled with your child’s name. Please don’t send in any sun cream as we will not be able to administer it, but there will be skin sensitive suncream in each playground.

Thanks to Friends of Cherbourg we are having sun shades fitted in the Year R’s playground and in the large playground, so hopefully this will provide a little shade from the hot sun.

Inset Days

Our Inset Days have now been set for the next academic year 16/17 and they are as follows:-

Monday 5th September ** Friday 2nd December, Friday 10th March, Monday 13th March, Friday 7th July

** Please note school will start for the new term on Tuesday 6th September for Years 1 – Year 6

New Year R’s will start school on Wednesday 7th September for half days only until Tuesday 13th September and then new Year Rs will be in school full time from Wednesday 14th September.

Class Photos

On the first day back after half term, Monday 6th June, our school photographer will be coming in in the morning to take ‘Class Photos’.


On Friday 10th June the Friends of Cherbourg will be holding a school disco. Year R - Year 2 (KS1) 6pm – 7pm and Year 3 – Year 6 (KS2) from 7.15pm – 8.15pm. To help speed up entry on the night and get the dancing under way we are selling tickets £2 in advance in the big playground under the pagoda on Tuesday 7th June 3.15pm – 3.45pm and Thursday 9th June 3.15pm – 3.45pm. Ask for Anna Johnson. Don’t worry if you miss us as we will still sell tickets on the door on the big night. If you would like to help on the night or like to become involved in the PTA then please get in touch with Emma or Lucie, co-chairs of Friends at

Dinner Money

A reminder that school dinners are £2.10. The price was increased in April.


This week we had two ladies from the NSPCC in to talk to the children about ‘Speak Up Stay Safe’. They commented on our children’s thoughtful responses. The NSPCC’s ‘Underwear rule’ is a really good resource for parents/carers to use with their child to talk about keeping safe. The website is or ask for a hard copy of the parent information from the school office.

Let’s Think In English

We had a successful visit from 16 teachers and advisers to Let’s Think in English on Tuesday. This was part of a training course that Catrin Sullivan and Sheila Kent have been undertaking this year and the visitors spent the day in classes and touring the school. They were overwhelmingly positive about our school and the opportunities the children enjoy.


If anyone is interested in being a breakfast club play worker for 5 mornings a week from 7.45am – 8.45am then please see the office for an application form. Childcare would be available.

Have a lovely half term, we return to school on Monday 6th June

Newsletter 11 – 2015/16 – 6th May 2016

6th May 2016

Newsletter 11

Friends of Cherbourg

Friends of Cherbourg are looking for Class Reps for each class in the school. Class Reps help build a sense of community among class parents, welcome new parents to the school and provide an important link between the class parents and Friends of Cherbourg. It is a great opportunity to become more involved with the school in an interesting and varied role but one that doesn't require a large time commitment. If you are interested in volunteering as a Class Rep and would like to find out more, please email Lucie or Emma on

Women’s Football final at Wembley

Tickets to the SSE Women’s FA Cup Final at Wembley next Saturday, 14th May are free to children. If you would like to find out more, tickets are available from


It looks like we may get some sunny weather for a few weeks. We would ask you to put sun cream on your children before s/he comes to school in the mornings and make sure that you send in a hat on sunny days, which is clearly labelled. Please don’t send in any sun cream as we will not be able to administer it. We will have plenty of non-allergenic sun cream in the playgrounds that we can put on children’s arms on sunny days. We always try to make sure that children are not exposed to the sun for long periods. Friends of Cherbourg are supporting us to buy some shades for the play grounds soon too.


Please can we remind you not to send in any form of medication (prescription or non prescription) without bringing it to the office and completing an administration of medication form. We are needing to administer an increasing number of medications in school and we need to make sure we are keeping both your child and everyone else’s children safe at all times.


Our Year 6 chilren will be taking their SATs next week. They have worked so hard, with such great attitudes to learning. We hope they will have a restful weekend (with a bit of tables practice too!) and then we will all be wishing them well for next week. Year 6 children will be starting next week at 8.30 with breakfast in school.

Newsletter 10 – 2015/16 – 22nd April 2016

 22nd April 2016

Newsletter 10

We are really pleased to announce that we will be holding a Street Party on Friday 17th June for all our pupils, staff and volunteers. Our centenary street party in 2011 is still such a highlight for our Year 6 pupils and we thought we should celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and 400 years since the death of Shakespeare. We will send home more details nearer the time, but you can start thinking of ideas for your child if s/he wants to dress as a queen or a Shakespeare character.

Making Every Day Count! You may notice that we are now giving out weekly stickers to children who have been able to make 100% attendance in a week. This was as a result of talking with the children and their suggestion that we should celebrate by the week, so that more children get a chance to get their good attendance recognised. After a bad patch of lots of poorly children last term we are hoping to all be a lot healthier this term once we get some better weather. Poor Mrs Watson also will be back on Monday after breaking a bone in her ankle.

You may notice some new logos on the bottom of our letterhead. We are really pleased to be recognised as a Training School for Saints Foundation. This is down to the work of Andy Crossley in supporting up and coming Saints Foundation coaches and to staff such as Chris Cole and Michelle Freeland who have been able to share their expertise with coaches. Our pupils benefit enormously from the number of coaches that are available for P.E. and sports, both for lessons and during lunchtime. It is thanks to this partnership that we are able to offer after school sports at such a reduced cost.

First Wessex, the housing association, have donated ten new bike helmets for younger children (aged 4-7). If your child would make good use of a bike helmet, please let the office know and we will draw names from a helmet!

On 23rd May we will be hosting the NSPCC for the day as part of their Speak Out Stay Safe campaign. The NSPCC will run two assemblies and then undertake workshops for Years 5 and 6. This is an important part of our curriculum to help children stay safe. Children can wear green for the day in return for a small donation from each family towards the work of the NSPCC.

Please remember that dinners are now £2.10 per day.