Bugs Club

What is Bugs Club?

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The Bugs’ Club aims to provide a happy, stable, secure and fun environment, where parents and carers can feel confident to leave their children and where the children want to stay!

The Bugs’ Club provides after-school and holiday childcare for 4-12 year olds.  The club aims to provide a ‘home from home’ for all those who attend.

During term time, children can be collected from their classrooms.  In the school holidays, children from both near and far are very welcome to join us.

Our well-trained staff have an excellent reputation for meeting the needs of all the children who attend.  If your child has an individual need, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss ways to make Bugs’ Club work for you and your child.

Everyone at Cherbourg is really proud of Bugs’ Club, as they were visited by Ofsted in the summer of 2010 and were inspected as being a good provision.  “Children benefit from the well organised day and look forward to activities… They are able to move around freely and easily in the well organised environment.  They are happily and purposefully engaged in activities throughout the day.”  

Pricing and Logistics

We have reviewed our fees policy and have agreed that fees will remain the same for September 2015.

Our fees from September 2015 will be:




Breakfast Club from 7.45a.m.

per session

Breakfast Club from 7.30a.m.

per session

Bugs after school

per session

Bugs after school, (including transport)

per session

Bugs after school up to 3.45p.m.

per session

Bugs after school after 3.46p.m.

full fee

Bugs holiday

per day

Bugs holiday

(for any session less than five hours)

per day


We make a transport charge of 50p per child per session, for those children who use the minibus to come to Bugs Club. This is because we cover the costs of the minibus, the driver and the escort to ensure safe transportation of the children in our care.

Please pay in advance for sessions and book them by leaving a message with the office or by phoning the mobile number above.