Cherbourg English Glossary

Cherbourg English Glossary

As Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is an extremely important aspect of children’s writing, we decided to create a glossary defining the key terms they will be taught during their time at Primary School. The aim is for the glossary to give both children and families an understanding of the key terms in which the children will be exposed to during Primary School age.


This Glossary contains a summary of all of the terms which will be taught across Years 1-6. There is still a need for children to revisit previous objectives from prior years, as they need to develop independence in their learning. Even though some of these terms may be taught in Key Stage 1, they are still referred to as the children progress into Key Stage 2. As children use them in Key Stage 2, it is expected that they should be applying them more consistently and accurately in their writing. You will also see a column which provides examples of some of the terms.


You can see an overview of objectives set out in the National Curriculum if you would like to know further information on the content of the year group and key stages.


Cherbourg English Glossary 1



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